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beautifully simplistic

Operators with all levels of experience are able to easily use SmarttLive - it’s simply built for everyone. Why not see what SmarttLive can do for you?


All data captured is sent back to your installation of Smartt and updated live! In areas of poor network coverage, the app stores data securely until there is a signal. Let drivers capture the information on the doorstep that you’d otherwise have to enter on their return!

controllable features

As with Smartt, SmarttLIVE has a rich set of parameters, allowing you to control exactly how the app works. Features can be enabled and disabled daily.



All data stored on mobile devices is encrypted. Any data sent back to Smartt is non-identifiable but also sent securely using SSL.



Once the day’s information has been downloaded, the driver is able to access all available data should they go out of signal. Their device will synchronise when signal returns.



A username and password is required to access any data within SmarttLive. This helps avoid the scenario where printed routesheets are left in vehicles with data on display, or blown away when outside. Should a device get lost or stolen, it is possible to send a “kill” command to the device that will delete all data and quit the app. The app is then marked as destroyed and further execution of the app is disabled.

There are plenty more features.

Handles Hot, Tea, Frozen & Breakfast service.

Daily/Weekly Vehicle checklists.

Non Delivery questionnaire for social services.

Client Mapping.

Client concerns

Driver packing list.

Meal temperature capturing.

Mileage logging.


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